Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Advent Mini Stocking Bunting-Tutorial

Just how cute are these easy to make Advent Mini Stockings? This is how we made them. I know Makower say to line them but that is very fiddly and we don't think they need it.


1 x Makower Advent Stocking panel
60cm (24") backing fabric (we used plain red)
3m (3.3yds) ribbon cut into 24 equal pieces (approximately 5"), for hanging
Matching cotton thread
Mini pegs
2m (2.2yds)  ribbon to hang the stockings on

Press the panel and the backing fabric.
Lay backing fabric right side up on table place the stocking panel on top with right side down The fabrics will be right sides together

Pin, we just used one pin in each stocking to keep everything together

Carefully cut around each stocking on the dotted line. We used pinking shears for the top of the stocking and regular fabric scissors for the sides.

Fold one of the ribbon piece in half and slip between the stocking and the lining, close to the top edge. Pin in place.
Stitch around the leg and foot of the stocking only on the line. DO NOT stitch the top edge or you will have to unpick!

Carefully clip all the curves or cut around the stocking with pinking shears  

Fold top of stocking to wrong side along the line, fold the backing to match.

Stitch in place, taking care to keep the hanging ribbon out of the way.

Turn right side out and press. Make 24. 

Slip stockings onto ribbon in a random order, peg in place and hang on the wall. Fill with trinkets of sweeties, and enjoy.

Panels, fabrics, ribbons, pegs, thread, and even sewing machines to sew them are all available at the Quilted Sheep now.

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